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Adiraja Dasa


Adiraja Dasa
In 1971, after receiving his master's degree from New York University, Adiraja Dasa (Tom Milano) left the United States for the Orient to pursue his interests in Oriental religion and exotic cooking. While in India he heard about the path of devotion to Lord Krishna, where cooking, like all other human activities, is perfectly integrated into spiritual life.

He joined the Hare Krishna movement in 1975 in Switzerland. While living in France in 1983, he published Un Gout Superieure and used the royalties to feed the needy.

Nowadays, Adiraja lives near the Hare Krishna temple in Detroit, Michigan. He and his partner, Nancy Weigandt, have founded The Garden Detroit, a nonprofit dedicated to repurposing vacant land and turning blighted lots into beautiful and productive places of sanctuary through flower farming
within the city. Adiraja and Nancy also run a cut-flower farm and grow organic vegetables on a two-acre farm named The Garden. Adiraja feels strongly that his city is poised for a renaissance that will inspire the world. He emphasizes that this renaissance will not be based on Detroit's material achievements but on enough people in Detroit realizing their true spiritual identity and purpose. We're not just human beings but eternal spirit souls full of transcendental knowledge and bliss. Realizing our soul-identity will also reveal that we're family - equals who share one spiritual purpose and are meant to help one another on our way Home.

Adiraja has taught spiritual vegetarianism for twenty years and is now writing a book on the subject. He emphasizes that humanity has to return to a diet that causes the least harm to other beings, and urges us to join in a common vision of bringing peace to this planet based on the truth that we're
all of one loving family. He invites you to visit his website or like him on Facebook at The Garden Detroit.

Books by this author:
The Hare Krishna Art of Vegetarian Cooking


Muralidhara Dasa:

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Eat Lunch Together
1974, oil on canvas

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