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by Krishna Dharma Dasa
An exciting and profound story of life in ancient times, Mahabharata is at once a fascinating epic and a compendium of ethical and spiritual teachings. Krishna Dharma presents a compelling version of this most cherished of all Indian classics in the highly readable style of a contemporary novel.

It is the story of five heroic warriors, the Pandavas, who are robbed of their kingdom and exiled. Travel with them on an extraordinary journey to meet sages, kings, demons, heroines, and celestial beings. Culminating in an apocalyptic war, the Mahabharata is a masterpiece of adventure, intrigue, romance, and spiritual wisdom.

Krishna Dharma, is a practicing Vaishnava, scholar, and teacher of the ancient Sanskrit writings of India. Author also of Ramayana and several other works, he is trained in the disciplic line descending from Vyasa, the Mahabharata's original author.

Hardbound, color dust jacket, 941 pages, 16 x 23.5 cm

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Jadurani Devi Dasi:

The Surrender of Draupadi
1986, oil on canvas

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