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Krishna Consciousness
The Matchless Gift

All living entities within the material world are, to varying degrees, afflicted with a type of madness. The Krishna consciousness movement aims at curling man of his material disease and reestablishing his original consciousness.

The matchless gift is permanent freedom from material suffering. But how to obtain the gift? What is the price to pay?

No money in the word can buy spiritual freedom. Yet it is the rarest, most valuable, and most sought-after commodity. And it is equally available to the poor and the wealthy. Do you want the gift in your life? The choice is yours. Here are the steps to achieve it, laid out one after another. Take one step at a time, and you'll find you've bought the matchless gift.

Soft cover, 98 pages, 10.5 x 17 cm

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Jagat-Karana devi dasi:

Krishna Enjoys Exultant
Forest Pastimes
1979, oil on canvas

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